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Mission & Vision

Success does not make a Company great, what really matters is its contribution towards making life better for everybody. In its pursuit of growth with internationally accepted excellent quality health care products; King Laboratories Private Limited strives towards improving lives and delivering outstanding values to our customers.



King Laboratories’s mission is to uphold our social responsibility by improving the quality of human life by providing quality products of WHO-GMP standards and ensuring premier health care for the society. It endeavors to unlock the geographic potential by delivering balanced and improved product portfolio of quality and cost. The company envisages of being a forerunner in the fast emerging and ever growing market. King Laboratories Private Limited believes that complete customer satisfaction is the key to increase clientele and expand business. It provides genuine and timely solutions keeping commitments in true spirit.



As a dynamic, innovative, caring and reliable pharmaceutical company, the vision is to stand out as exemplary performer in national arena. King Laboratories Private Limited wants to excel manufacturing and Marketing of highest quality products with ethical standards and obligation to do right.

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